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The lack of completion will bring forth the lack of commitment.

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Why IDt?

Founder Eric Lashbrook, and his wife Donna, had a vision early on to fulfill God’s dream for the individual and family. They set out to help young men, to be there with them through the court systems, and build a home for these men to grow into who God called them to be, breaking the cycle of crime, courts, and detention many have faced. IDt gives these men hope, enabling them to find a vital relationship with Jesus Christ, and help in bringing restoration to their broken families.

 IDt’s renewed vision is to bring completion to the residents of IDt, to see them through to the finish line, and to be committed to the individual and set the example of commitment through completion. The house parents, staff, and volunteers at IDt are to grow in relationship with the residents and surrounding them with encouragement by getting to know each one’s strengths and weaknesses, both physically and spiritually, and then working through the root causes of addictions in each of the men’s hearts. Over time, each resident can find redemption through Jesus Christ.

iIf you would like to partner along side IDt, please consider donating. Every donation is tax-deductible and will help to feed, house and provide a high-growth environment for residents in IDt.

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